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中文|EnglishService hotline:086-22-66286535
About Us
TIANJIN RUISTER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD is a comprehensive company integrated of production and trade. Main products are sodium sulphide and sodium bisulfide. Our company is located in Zhongxin Ecological Town of Tianjin. It enjoys superior geographical location relying on Tianjin harbor.

Our plant is in Hebei, Shaanxi and Xinjiang. Annual output is 40000 tons of sodium sulphide and 20000 tons of sodium bisulfide. In Port of Tianjin, we have warehouse with storage capacity of 7000 tons, which is solid foundation for goods delivery.

And series of competitive products have been developed after years accumulation, including, mineral chemicals, food additive, detergent, leathers and water treatment category....  {More}
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production baseproduction baseproduction baseproduction baseproduction baseproduction base
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24 hours service hotline
86-22-66286535 Add:Room 406-407, Chuangzhi Building, No. 482, Dongman Middle Road, Zhongxin Ecological Town, Tianjin, China Manager of export department: Fu Rong
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